Marie Leofeli Romero Barlizo, winner of the third Jovette-Marchessault Award

Winner - Jovette-Marchessault award - Third edition – PLAYWRIGHTS

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The Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) and Théâtre ESPACE GO, in collaboration with members of the Award Development Committee, are pleased to unveil the winner of the third edition of the Jovette-Marchessault Award, which this year recognizes women playwrights: Marie Leofeli Romero Barlizo. This award, which recognizes and showcases the contributions of women to Montréal’s theatre scene, comes with a $20,000 grant to be awarded by the Conseil to the winner.


The finalists of the first three editions will receive an airfare to Paris courtesy of Air Transat.

“ Tiohi:ake is my home and where my heart is.

This land holds the stories of so many people who have not been recognized in our history, in our theatres and in our media.

The contributions of Filipinos in Canada and in the province of Quebec have been dismissed for too long.

They inspire me with their courage and their hard work.

They are my heroes.

They are the reason I keep writing.

Their stories need to be told.

This award means so much to me. ”

– Marie Leofeli Romero Barlizo


This award created by the Conseil des arts de Montréal was named for Jovette Marchessault as a tribute to a great “tuner of the soul,” whose body of work reflects her desire to bring women’s culture out of the shadows, to reshape History, and to forge a collective memory that allows women to be role models for any gender. The 2022–2023 edition of the Jovette-Marchessault Award marks the start a new cycle of disciplines, with directors taking centre stage. The call for applications will begin in fall 2022.