Alexia Bürger, winner of the fourth Jovette-Marchessault Award

Winner - Jovette-Marchessault award - Fourth edition – DIRECTORS

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The Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) and Théâtre ESPACE GO, in collaboration with members of the Award Development Committee*, are pleased to unveil the winner of the fourth edition of the Jovette-Marchessault Award which this year recognizes women directors: Alexia Bürger. This award, which recognizes and showcases the contributions of women to Montréal’s theatre scene, comes with a $20,000 grant to be awarded by the Conseil to the winner.

As a partner of ESPACE GO, Air Transat will give each of the two finalists, Mélanie Demers and Marie-Eve Huot, round trip airfare to France.


“This award is a great motivation to keep working with as much candour, freedom and perseverance as I can. It is also a wonderful daily reminder—especially on the flatter days—that I can draw on the strength of past, present and future women directors for inspiration”

– Alexia Bürger



This award created by the Conseil des arts de Montréal was named for Jovette Marchessault as a tribute to a great “tuner of the soul,” whose body of work reflects her desire to bring women’s culture out of the shadows, to reshape History, and to forge a collective memory that allows women to be role models for any gender. The 2023–2024 edition of the Jovette-Marchessault Prize will be aimed at designers. The call for applications will begin in fall 2023.



*Jovette-Marchessault Award Development Committee members: Nahka Bertrand, Micheline Chevrier, Margarita Herrera-Dominguez, Gabe Maharjan and Marie-Eve Milot